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Genomics Data

De novo Sequencing

The SGT team also selected 21 lines for high quality de novo sequencing (~50X coverage) and RNA sequencing. HMW DNA was isolated from all 21 lines, and sequencing for the 21 de novo lines is now complete. RNA sequencing from 8 tissue types is currently in progress. The complete list of de novo sequenced lines, current status and rationale for selection can be found at the link below.  

Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing

The SGT team selected 1000+ sorghum lines for genomic and phenotypic characterization across all the SGT project sites. As of October, 2020 high quality DNA has been extracted from 838 lines for whole genome shotgun re-sequencing (~30X coverage). Re-sequencing is complete for 697 of these lines and the data is publicly available upon request. The complete list of re-sequencing lines and their current status can be found at the link below.

Contact us here for resequencing data requests.

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