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SGT and TERRA-REF Collaboration

The SGT project is a close collaboration with the DOE ARPA-E funded TERRA-REF project.  The Transportation Energy Resources from Renewable Agriculture Phenotyping Reference Platform (TERRA-REF) is a national high-throughput phenotyping platform that aims to revolutionize plant breeding. The integrated high-throughput phenotyping platform includes the world’s largest field crop analytics robotic system, unparalleled genetic and genomic resources for energy sorghum, high-resolution phenotype-to-genotype mapping, and a computational pipeline powered by supercomputers. TERRA-REF has generated and made public an unprecedented volume of high-resolution time-series crop image data that can be used to train predictive algorithms and to screen diverse germplasm collections for the genetic sequences that encode commercially relevant sorghum traits. The SGT project allowed for a one acre expansion of the TERRA-REF field site in Maricopa, Arizona and the first SGT sorghum planting under the extension area occurred in 2019. 


TERRA-REF has produced the following types of data:

Sensor Data from five thermal, light, and shape imaging sensors.​​

Phenotypes include both sensor-derived and hand collected plot-level field measurements. These can be used to validate, calibrate, and train algorithms.

Environmental data include time series of meteorological variables including temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, wind direction and speed, photosynthetically active radiation, and downwelling spectral radiance.

Genomics data include whole-genome resequencing data for 384 varieties from the sorghum Bioenergy Association Panel (BAP) and genotyping-by-sequencing data for 768 sorghum Recombinant Inbred Lines (RILs). Contains raw and derived sorghum genome sequencing data. Raw data includes DNA sequence files in compressed FASTQ format. Derived data are available in Variant Call Format (VCF) and Hapmap files.

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